Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flaming Car Finished

So this is how the car turned out. I'm actually pretty happy about it because I don't think anyone else in the class could do it. I used different flames and filters on the car in order to make it look as if it were molten and on fire. The white outlines on the edges of the car are supposed to add an effect that makes it look hotter than usual fire. I also made it to where the town was all normal where the car hasn't touched, and made the town red and on fire where the car passed. The reason is because the car is going so fast that the fire is leaving a trail across the town behind it. I actually am pretty happy with the scene that I chose and I think this is one of my strongest pieces.

Ideal World Finished

So this is my ideal world piece finished, sorry for taking so long to put it up on the blog because it's been finished for a while now. I'm really not very happy with this piece. I was trying to make a warrior look as peaceful as possible when he doesn't have religion involved. The end effect ended up being that the warrior was trying to beat you with flowers. So what I tried to do was make the flowers a brush painting the rainbow, and I tried to put a peace sign on the shield to make him look more peaceful. I also put a smiley face on his helmet which actually made a creepy look to me, but I guess it could be looked at differently. So yeah I'm just really not happy with this piece.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Flaming Car

So this week I finished the last project and started a new one which I'm almost finished with. Both projects will be posted next week when they are finished. The one that is finished at the moment is the one of the Templar from the Crusades. The one I am starting has to do with this car. What I'm basically going to be doing with it is making an affect that looks as if the car will be on fire. Flames will be coming from the wheels and the sides of the car. The only thing I haven't thought of is a setting to put it in, and once I think of that I will be finished with this piece. So far nobody else in my entire class has been able to finish this project, so if I can it will be pretty awesome. Just look around friday next week and both should be posted.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ideal World

So this week we were supposed to show our ideal world in an image. This is the image I will be manipulating. If you don't know what/who this is, it is a Christian knight (knights templar) during the crusades. This war was one of many that was caused due to mostly religious conflicts. What I will be doing with this image is taking away the cross on his shield and shirt, and turning the sword into something that isn't so dangerous. What I am trying to show is how much more peaceful the world would be without religion. The background of destruction will also change into a much more peaceful setting because there will be no religion involved. I know that there would still be conflict and still be wars fought over oil, power, and all of those other reasons, but I think that without religion a lot of wars and genocides would have been avoided. The image after it's manipulation will be up sometime next week, so if you are interested in seeing it then just look later next week.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Iphone Wallpaper

So this week in class I decided to make an iPhone wallpaper sort of like one of the presets they already have. I liked the space theme obviously, so I decided to make another space piece only for the iPhone. It should fit perfectly with the iPhone display sizing-wise. In this piece there were a TON of adjustment layers and my space brushes again, I basically made the moon a planet from scratch… So yeah I really like this piece and I think I might set it as my background on my phone. I hope to keep the space theme going haha.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Space Fighter

So going along with my new space fascination, I also have a fascination with going into the Air Force. I made another space piece and put a fighter jet in it. A lot of it was brushes and lens flares and layer modes. I also made some of the letters and numbers red white and blue to add to the nationalism that I've been doing. I also added a USA sticker on the front of the plane and I really enjoyed this piece. So yeah I am really enjoying doing these type of pieces.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

America's Astroid

This week we had to do a tutorial of our choice, and I think this is my favorite piece of all time. It started out to just be an astroid with beams behind it, but I decided that was too boring. So I put a lens flare to make it look like an explosion caused the astroid to take off. Then I put the American flag just to make it funny because America always tries to claim everything out in space. I also put America's colors on the beams to make it more nationalistic. I really liked this piece and I'm very happy with it.